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Either ask for a map at the sales booths before passing the metro gates, or download and print one including all four bucharest metro lines. the bucharest subway was first opened for service in 1979. one trip card: this is the system’ s basic metro ticket, offering just one trip for the price of 2. you can also create your own self- guided walk to visit the city attractions which interest you the most. bucharest henri coandă international airport ( romanian: aeroportul internațional henri coandă bucurești) ( iata: otp, icao: lrop) is romania' s busiest international airport, located in otopeni, 16.

bus – less than 50 cents. a trip with the bucharest subway will cost you 2. otherwise, the rider could be fined. shown below are the available options for metro travel. 2 journeys: 5 lei. bus lines going to the airport can be found at both stations. it lasts less than an hour. the bucharest metro is an underground rapid transit system in bucharest, romania. it is currently one of two airports serving the capital of romania. the tube is almost 70 km long and has 51 stations. the first proposals for a metro system in bucharest were made in the early part of the 20th century, by the romanian engineers dimitrie leonida and elie radu.

if everything goes as expected, the opening will be at the end of. rush hour service include rush hour service ( yellow line) weekdays from 6: 30am - 9am and 3: 30pm - 6pm. be cautious while using escalators and elevators to avoid any possible mishap. only small sized animals in properly designed carrying cages are permitted. bucharest metro’ s line 5 is the next major project that will soon be inaugurated. it dates back to 1888 though it was reconditioned in 1992. the interval between trains is 5- 8 minutes. you can also download bucharest metro map in pdf. in an effort to expedite passenger movement throughout metro facilities, it is suggested that riders move to the right side, allowing others with more urgency to pass on the left. the bucharest metro is not without its problems. web: metro, tram, railway map click on the above map for a bucharest, romania bucharest metro map bucharest in your pocket: ( map / pdf).

it is identifiable by the color orange on system maps as well as the number m5. every week, from monday to sunday, it opens its doors to the public beginning at 5: 00 am and operates nonstop until 11: 00 pm. 00 usd), though ticket use is only permitted every 15 minutes following each trip. according to projections, it will open its doors in, with a length that extends 14. we offer you the chance to design and download your own city map of bucharest.

provides travel information, brochures, maps and pictures for romania. unlimited metro trips are available for the entire day for 8. world heritage encyclopedia, bucharest metro map pdf the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most. line 3: 3– 5 minutes during peak hours / 8– 10 minutes during regular hours. the metro service starts operation at 5: 00 am and runs till 23: 00 pm, on all days. most of the tourist attractions in bucharest are in the centre, where you can walk or take a taxi, but the buses are perfect to get to the outskirts. the train frequency varies according to the time and route on which it runs, ranging from 3 - 12 minutes.

bucharest metro was the only one in the world that operated with passengers during testing. bucharest metro network map currently, the bucharest metro network consist of 71. the network is run by metrorex. 8 miles), divided along 12 stations. bucharest' s four subway ( metro) lines represent the easiest way to get around town ( and offer some of the best coverage in the whole of europe). the service is not regular and a minibus is required to get to bucharest metro map pdf the airport station.

street maps of bucharest, printable bucharest metro map pdf bucharest map, find your way in romania. bucharest - a vivid european city, a safe and cost- efficient place to work and live bucharest offers safe and excellent working and living conditions in an open, friendly and welcoming environment. monthly pass: 70 lei. are you searching for a free downloadable and printable city map of bucharest? bucharest’ s public transport system is made up of the bucharest metro ( signed with big " m" ), and a surface transport system run by ratb, which consist in buses, trams, trolleybuses and light rail.

follow these 13 expert- designed self- guided walking tours to explore bucharest, romania on foot at your own pace. throughout the trip, riders must keep their travel ticket on hand, in preparation for verification by any of the system’ s officials. the entire route is 71. 5 lei ( less than 60 euro cents). metrorex lines in bucuresti m4 m3 m1. wait for bus line 783 or 780, both of which frequently circulate the two station stops. travelling from otopeni airport – city centre is most easily done by taxi and would cost around 12 eur. it first opened for service on 19 november 1979. bucharest north railway station ( romanian: gara bucurești nord) is the main railway station in bucharest and the largest railway station in romania. the bucharest metro guide and subway route planner is the quick and easy way to navigate your way into and around the city using the subway service.

what is the closest airport to bucharest in romania? what is the frequency of metro in bucharest? on the map on this page, you can see all the four metro lines, and you can also see the lines of some of the city trains ( hev lines) in budapest. who made the metro system in bucharest? the m1 line connects the northeast part of the city and provides a circular service around the city centre.

daily pass: however, when using the metro system intensively throughout the day, this daily pass is your best option. an architectural jewel by architect anca petrescu and inaugurated in 1997, this is the legislative headquarters. 1- day ticket: 8 lei. it is a rapid transit system used by more than 500, 000 people every day. it’ s valid on all means of transport in the capital - buses, trams and metro - and must be swiped either at the barrier or once on board. the payment method for the bucharest metro consists of machine dispensed tickets, as well as those sold at the ticket offices found throughout the stations. line m3 ( red) : originally opened in 1983, and later expanded in, this line crosses the city from east to west. various bus stops are found outside the terminal area.

for a start, finding an accurate map of the system is all but impossible. see the best attraction in bucharest printable tourist map. metros tend to run every 3 to 5 minutes during rush hours and every 6 to 12 minutes at other times in the day. the average distance between two stations is of 1. bucharest subway map ( harta metroului - bucuresti). download an offline pdf map and metro schedule for the m2 metro to take on your trip. riders in the main neighborhoods of romania’ s capital have metro stations that connect to the city center, making the underground system fundamental to a fully functioning bucharest.

bucharest metro network map currently, the bucharest metro network consist of 69. bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and has, in recent years, cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a european capital. it is one of the most accessed systems of the bucharest public transport network with a ridership of 177. 25 usd), this second option is for the traveler considering two possible metro trips. like subway systems around the world, the bucharest metro has a set of rules that riders are required to follow if they wish to use the system. line 1: 3– 5 minutes during peak hours / 6– 8 minutes during regular hours.

whether you need metro, tram, trolleybus or bus maps, tourist maps, monuments maps, neighborhood maps, bike maps and more — moovit can help. with a population of almost 2 million inhabitants, bucharest, the capital of romania, is the 6th largest city in the european union, after. although visits are restricted to a set schedule and identification must be presented to enter, it is a must see stop when visiting bucharest. it is the shortest line, connecting the north of the city to the centre, and it is the least used line in bucharest. detailed below are some of the requirements and prohibitions.

it is the most used line in the city. deutschland united states españa france italia nederland polska brasil россия 中国. alternative directions pipera. one of two parts of the larger bucharest public transport network, metrorex has an average of approximately 720, 000 passenger trips per weekday, compared to the 1, 180, 000 daily riders on bucharest' s stb transit sy. opened in 1979, bucharest metro is the city' s most used means of transport; it is used by more than 750, 000 passengers each day. it consists of four lines and 47 stations. eastcomfort bucharest metro map pdf bucharest map facility, online interactive map of bucharest.

the system is currently being expanded, and in the future it should reach a length of 62 miles ( 100 km) with an additional 30 stations. 23 million passengers in ( averaging. riders may choose from the following underground connections:. at izvor station, which serves train lines 1 ( m1) and 3 ( m3), one will find the extremely well- known palace of the parliament. mon- thu metrorail operating times 5am- midnight 5am- 3am 7am- 3am 7am- midnight times are approximate fri sat sun station closed suspended service silver line • wiehle- reston east / largo town center yellow line • huntington / fort totten blue line • franconia- springfield / largo town center snow service map b30 to bwi 5a. line m1 ( yellow) : opened in 1979, line m1 is the oldest line on the bucharest metro system. 3 mi) north of bucharest' s city centre. board the appropriate bus and enjoy the trip to the bucarest- henri coandă international airport. the frequency of trains during peak hours on line m1 is, 4- 6 minutes, on line m2 it is 1- 4 minutes and on line m4, it is 7 minutes. are you visiting bucuresti and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity?

the yellow is the oldest one, which in fact is the second oldest subway/ metro line in europe. the metro in bucharest is 43 miles long ( 70 km), with four lines that serve a total of 53 stations. the bucharest underground rail network or bucharest metro, or bucharest subway is the perfect way to travel from one destination to another while visiting the city. 10 journeys: 20 lei. the following are instructions for making this connection. the red is the third and the green line was opened on march 28th in. the metro and the surface transport system — currently run by two separate state- owned corporations — will be merged in early to form the. the airport is also connected to bucharest by railway line. however, if the objective is to travel to the city from the airport, the steps are not too different. bucharest metro does not have a direct connection to the bucarest henri coandă international airport as none of its stations directly reach the terminal area.

00 km double track, 4 metro lines and 53 stations. the bucharest metro is an underground urban railway network that serves the capital of romania, bucharest. however, a bus, that does reach the airport directly, can be taken from some of the subway stations. the bucharest metro is an underground rapid transit system that serves bucharest, the capital of romania. also, in the vicinity are lovely flower gardens; ideal for relaxing one’ s mind. from open to close, the bucharest metro schedule is the same. what is the fare for one trip with the metro in bucharest? the actual dimensions of the bucharest map are 596 x 469 pixels, file size ( in bytes. do you need a tourist map that can be saved as a pdf and includes all the top highlights you want to visit? system was opened in the capital of romania in november 1979. the metro stations map is also available with explanations for different journeys you may take.

it is very commanding at 80 meters high ( 262 feet tall), in contrast to it also being 92 meters deep ( 302 feet underground). few pas- sengers favor this option. information website regarding travel to romania. this is not even to mention the beautiful surrounding spaces from which magnificent postcards can be obtained. see full list on mapa- metro. the vast majority of mainline trains to and from bucharest originate from gara de nord. bucharest is located at the same latitude with the cities of portland - oregon; montreal - canada; venice - italy; and bordeaux – france, the capital city of romania has a population of more than 2, 200, 000. activities 6 oldprincelycourtchurch/ bisericacurteaveche builtaroundthehalfofthe16thcenturyduringthereignofmirceathe shepherd, itistheoldestchurchinthecity. it will serve the cartierul ghencea and gării cățelu areas, traveling to 22 stations distributed along 16.

otopeni airport is 17km north of the city centre. the terminal will be directly connected to the a3 motorway, to the railway system, and to the bucharest metro system through metro line 6. for maps and more details. people over 70 years old: free. speech/ 12/ 241 maria damanaki european commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries moving forward on the black sea maritime agenda ministerial seminar on the black sea bucharest, 29 march dear minister. line 2: 3– 5 minutes during peak hours/ 8– 10 minutes during regular hours. beyond the maps, signage on the system, in general, is totally useless.

please note, they can only be used on the metro and not on the buses. you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email. the bucharest metro has 4 commercial lines, including one under construction and another one in bucharest metro map pdf the planning stages. 2 kilometers ( 8. one can select bus route 783 or 780 from here, get off at the piața victoriei or the gara de nord stops or simply remain. it is completely prohibited for riders to enter stations or board trains on skates or skateboards. all we ask of you - if you are not currently logged into a social network - is an email address. what is the most used metro in bucharest? bucharest metro timings, frequency and schedule. ticket inspectors often work on routes, so you should not overlook paying for the trip. attention: taxi drivers don` t accept credit cards of any.

the metro in bucharest opens monday to sunday from 5 am to 11 pm. it has 22 stations and takes a practically circular route through the city. weekly pass: this ticket. metro is accessible. bucharest boasts many beautiful monuments and landmarks, the most prominent being the palace of parliament, an imposing structure that now houses, among other things, one of the city' s best museums: the national museum of contemporary art. as part of an administrative program to facilitate tourist access, it will also serve gara de nord residents and connect bucharest’ s city center to the bucarest- henri coandă international airport. line m4 ( green) : the newest line on the metro bucharest metro map pdf system, this was opened in. each module will be built as traffic demands dictate. it is a major city building where concerts and unforgettable philharmonic presentations take place. by, terminal bucharest metro map pdf 2 alone should be able to handle the expected volume of 20 million passengers per year. metro map of bucharest.

25 km double track, 4 metro lines and 51 stations. to date, there are three branches that link the most important areas of the city with each other. primarily, one must take line 1 ( m1) in the direction of either the piața victoriei or, alternatively, gara de nord station. during the week ( monday to friday), bikes can be transported on the metro from 8: 00 pm to 11: 00 pm. it is identified on maps by its lilac color and the number m6. the price for two journeys with the metro is 1, 2 eur.

weekly pass: 25 lei. the metro system of bucharest city p jittrapirom 2 the metro system of bucharest city current network coverage the city of bucharest is currently ( ) served by four different underground metro lines: the m1, m2, m3, and m4. there is also a metro station in bucharest. there is a significant variety of options that properly fit the needs of each rider. line 6 is another project in the planning stages. * useful maps: - city map ( harta orasului bucuresti) - bucharest subway map ( harta metroului bucuresti). see full list on introducingbucharest. large birds or animals may not be transported within the metro system. we will use this to give you some great reasons to visit the cities covered by the in your pocket series. key features: - accurate and up- to- date subway maps - quick and convenient route planer with travel time and distance information - exact trip cost calculator - find the nearest subway station to you using the augmented reality function - useful.

moovit has easy- to- download transportation maps in pdf format from around the world. metro tickets can be bought in the ticket offices and machines at the stations. single fares cost ron5 and you can buy 10 journeys for just ron10, so it' s also great value. we post one above, but we had to design it ourselves. this pdf download is free of charge. line 4: 4– 7 minutes during peak hours/ 10– 12 minutes during regular hours. bucharest: | | | | bucharest| | | bucurești| | | |. romanian national tourist office, official information website regarding travel to romania. bucharest metro lines are extremely well connected to one another as well as to the local bus routes that serve the entire city.

get the free printable map of bucharest printable tourist map or create your own tourist map. the metro connects the city between the four compass points and transports over 470 thousand passengers daily. the metro works from 5: 00am and until 11: 30pm. the official metro map is here, including the lines. line m2 ( blue) : this line is around 11 miles long ( 18 km) and connects the north of the city to the south of the city. another necessary stop, when visiting bucharest, is the romanian athenaeum, located about 4 blocks from piaţa romană station on line 2 ( m2). 5 kilometers ( 44. bucharest metro map - a simple free and offline map of bucharest metro, very useful for tourists and visitors.

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